Sharon Loeppky
Mosaic Artist


(posted on 4 Apr 2023)


 Some of you have received this mailing already - my apologies! 

Some of you haven't  and this notice is a little short  - again, more apologies.  I'm new at using this mailing system.  I'll do better next time.


Hi folks,

Thanks for having let me know that you’re interested in what’s been happening out in my shop for the past long, long while.  Here’s the news! 

An Exhibition of New Work

My exhibition, called  The Geography of Home  is finally almost ready to be hung.  I’m still gluing and stitching and sawing and clamping, but by April 7 all will be completed and hung in the Killarney Arts Center.

This show will be composed of three separate parts.

              Walks are a continuation of my work in mosaic.  They are landscapes that have come out of photos and sketches done on walks in my neighbourhood.

              Potholes are a series of floor rugs inspired by the potholes (sloughs) of south western Manitoba.

              Sections are small hooked pieces, each one describing a section of the prairie landscape.

The Venue

For some of you Manitobans, Killarney may be a bit of a drive.  But if you’re inclined to head out, here’s the link to the gallery.  (Also check out Killarney-Turtle Mountain Arts Council on Facebook.) The show runs April 7 – 29, Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 4.  You can meet me at a reception on Saturday, April 15, 2-4pm.

Internet Followers

For my internet followers, the photography of my mosaics has just been completed  and the new works are up on my website. The textile work will be added very soon.

For the folks on my list of prospective buyers, I've  sent out a price list and instructions on how and when purchases can be made through the gallery during the show.  If anyone else wishes to be added to this list, just let me know.


Once again, thanks for the interest.