Sharon Loeppky
Mosaic Artist

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God has gifted you with amazing talent to see the light and beauty of creation. Hope to buy a piece someday after a great walk at Lake George.
Elaine Froese - 14 Mar 2023
You are amazing!!! I’m working on a 5’x7’ mosaic for local museum. I look at your gallery when I need inspiration to keep going. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, exceptionally scrumptious, unique and exciting work!
Connie Bier - 27 Feb 2023
your so talented
james - 11 Mar 2022
Your mosaics are an inspiration to me. I am striving to find the peace you describe in your bio through mosaic work of my own.
Kathy Nash - 4 Jun 2021
I find your work inspiring! Thank you for sharing photos of your work with us. I would have loved to spend a day with you! God bless you.
Johan van Coller (South Africa) - 1 Mar 2021
I just saw your work on Pinterest and absolutely love it
Joel Leibowitz - 26 Feb 2021
I really love your work and would love to be informed when you have anything for sale.
Anita Mckinlay - 23 Feb 2021
Love your use of colors, real artistry. My wife and I mosaic with basic color palate and some plates and china. Love to see your studio it must be a mosaic in it self.
William Smidt - 8 Feb 2021
I just found your work in my facebook feed. I love mosaic. I am too afraid to try it myself. Your work is amazing.
Deborah Hancock - 10 Jan 2021
Your work is delightful to see, I so wish I could sit next to you and work together. What a treasure you are
Deborah Carruth - 9 Jan 2021
Your work is truly beautiful!
Darlene - 7 Jan 2020
You are a true inspiration !
Shirley - 15 Nov 2019
amazing work Sharon I too am a nature lover and observer of the finer details and colour it offers :)
huguette gauthier - 25 Aug 2019
So beautiful! Your mosaic are touching my hearth, even from the far away.
Lenka Baloušková - 19 Aug 2019
Life in your mosaic art pieces compassionately inviting. I love your rendition of autumn and pleasant feelings in your portraits. 'Amazing'- does not capture the magic in your work. Thank you.
Tiru Arthanari - 30 Apr 2019
Your work is amazing... and unfortnately also sold out .... :) Love the motives, the colors and liveliness... and the shine All the best Gitte, Denmark
Gitte tjørnehøj - 27 Nov 2018
I discovered your art on Pinterest. There is something about your mosaics that is different from others. I can't figure out what it is exactly yet, but yours are compelling in a magical way. Beautiful!!
Sally Roach - 16 Jan 2018
Beautiful just beautiful!
Jane - 25 Nov 2017
Your work is amazing. I was very moved and inspired. So beautiful.
Jack Hayes - 10 Nov 2017
Brought tears to my eyes...I have just embarked on the path of mosaics in the last few months and it has renewed my connection to God. We all have a pattern of spirit in us just waiting to speak. Thank you for yours!
anne HARRIS - 4 Nov 2017
Just started mosaicing again after a long break. Looking for inspiration I came across your work. It stopped me in my tracks, just amazing, You have captured the spirit of where you live, so mysterious and beautiful. I have to keep going back and looking again.
Jenny - 29 Oct 2017
Wow your mosaics are beautiful and magical! Spotted you on Pinterest - I love mosaics but have never seen anything like yours before. Made my day :-)
Jessica - 7 Jun 2017
Hi Sharon, Was terrified to see that there were no updates since 2014, but then VERY happy to see you will be exhibiting soon at the MCHC - wonderful! looking forward to it.
Lisa Desilets - 25 May 2017
stumbled upon your website and am in awe of your work! Just beautiful!
Jennifer - 12 Apr 2017
your mosaics are so beautiful and calming. I bet you enjoy making them as much as we love seeing them. ;)
michele - 22 Mar 2017
You are one of the most talented artists I have ever seen... I could not see anything you had for sale... Do you sell your work and how is it available? Although budget limited, I am very interested! Thank you very much for your gorgeous talent! It is simply astonishing to view! Please contact me.
Robin Edmonds - 21 Jan 2016
A friend posted one of your works on Facebook, so I looked up your website. All you work is incredibly beautiful and amazingly done. Thank you.
Joy Lacey - 23 Nov 2015
I've been doing mosaics for a few years now, but I never saw any mosaics as beautiful as yours. You prove that mosaics is an art. Thank you.
Zipora - 22 Nov 2015
Your work, especially, "Naomi," makes my jaw drop.
Mary Brown - 30 Dec 2014
Very colourful and pleasing ......nice work!
Connie Borys - 15 Nov 2014
I want to live in your landscapes! What a beautiful world you have created.
kim rust - 1 Jun 2014
Beautiful, alive, and serene, all at the same time.
Tim Borys - 9 Dec 2013
a while since i have looked at your art. so beautiful...i can smell the trees when i see your work.
kathleen a. - 23 Nov 2013
Your mosaic work is lovely. Thankyou for making it available online
Peter Riley - 1 Jul 2013
These are beautiful! Too bad I missed June 7! Do you have any more events coming up?
Alviera Plett - 30 Jun 2013
Shit, am I out of the loop or what. You stuff is just stunning! Amazing! I need to get out more...... ~Jeff~
Jeff McIntosh - 30 Jun 2013
Loving the artwork.
Ian Peters - 29 Jun 2013
Your work speaks to my prairie heart. Thank-you for sharing your talent.
Kirsten Godbout - 29 Jun 2013
These are absolutely amazing! So inspiring.
Miranda - 29 Jun 2013
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