Sharon Loeppky
Mosaic Artist

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Wow your mosaics are beautiful and magical! Spotted you on Pinterest - I love mosaics but have never seen anything like yours before. Made my day :-)
Jessica - 7 Jun 2017
Hi Sharon, Was terrified to see that there were no updates since 2014, but then VERY happy to see you will be exhibiting soon at the MCHC - wonderful! looking forward to it.
Lisa Desilets - 25 May 2017
stumbled upon your website and am in awe of your work! Just beautiful!
Jennifer - 12 Apr 2017
your mosaics are so beautiful and calming. I bet you enjoy making them as much as we love seeing them. ;)
michele - 22 Mar 2017
You are one of the most talented artists I have ever seen... I could not see anything you had for sale... Do you sell your work and how is it available? Although budget limited, I am very interested! Thank you very much for your gorgeous talent! It is simply astonishing to view! Please contact me.
Robin Edmonds - 21 Jan 2016
A friend posted one of your works on Facebook, so I looked up your website. All you work is incredibly beautiful and amazingly done. Thank you.
Joy Lacey - 23 Nov 2015
I've been doing mosaics for a few years now, but I never saw any mosaics as beautiful as yours. You prove that mosaics is an art. Thank you.
Zipora - 22 Nov 2015
Your work, especially, "Naomi," makes my jaw drop.
Mary Brown - 30 Dec 2014
Very colourful and pleasing ......nice work!
Connie Borys - 15 Nov 2014
I want to live in your landscapes! What a beautiful world you have created.
kim rust - 1 Jun 2014
Beautiful, alive, and serene, all at the same time.
Tim Borys - 9 Dec 2013
a while since i have looked at your art. so beautiful...i can smell the trees when i see your work.
kathleen a. - 23 Nov 2013
Your mosaic work is lovely. Thankyou for making it available online
Peter Riley - 1 Jul 2013
These are beautiful! Too bad I missed June 7! Do you have any more events coming up?
Alviera Plett - 30 Jun 2013
Shit, am I out of the loop or what. You stuff is just stunning! Amazing! I need to get out more...... ~Jeff~
Jeff McIntosh - 30 Jun 2013
Loving the artwork.
Ian Peters - 29 Jun 2013
Your work speaks to my prairie heart. Thank-you for sharing your talent.
Kirsten Godbout - 29 Jun 2013
These are absolutely amazing! So inspiring.
Miranda - 29 Jun 2013
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