Sharon Loeppky
Mosaic Artist

Sharon Loeppky


For most of my life my home has been somewhere in southern Manitoba. My sense of belonging has always been strong. My father left me with his need to know and love this landscape intimately, my mother with the urge to express myself creatively.

 I live and work on the bank of a small creek that flows down through the escarpment and heads east on the prairie. Not only do I find my inspiration in the woods and fields around me, but their quiet helps remove clutter from my mind and keeps me focused on my work.   


My mosaics spring from the urges in my life.  I have a compulsion to save scraps.  I am preoccupied with puzzles.  I need to wander, and I search for God in the open spaces.

These landscapes document the world immediately around me – the view I see from a doorway, from the path behind our house, or from the road leading up the escarpment. Like the many colorful scraps they are composed of, they are glimpses of color, light and pattern to be quietly savored.